Ipswich in the snow

Sailing Barge Victor, a lovely restored barge upon which we spent a lazy summer’s day.

The end of February brought an (un)welcome visitor to East Anglia. The much-feared ‘Beast from the East’. Personally, I welcomed it with open arms as I was still mourning the fact that I was no longer in my beloved Finland, and I was desperate for some ‘real winter weather’. The myriad amateur meteorologists I follow on Twitter had started warning of a cold spell two to three weeks previously, and then the national media started running stories about what essentially amounted to snowmageddon. I kept watch on the forecasts using the Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s website, and I could see that there was indeed cold weather coming our way.

There were flurries on and off for the Monday and Tuesday, and then overnight on the Tuesday, there was comparatively heavy snowfall which contributed to a surprise day off work on the Wednesday.

Armed with my trusty camera, I headed out into the East Anglian tundra to capture my hometown in a new light…

An uncharacteristically icy Ipswich Waterfront
Ipswich Jewish Cemetery. Hidden amidst a concrete wasteland, the Ipswich Jewish Cemetery contains the graves of Ipswich’s former Jewish Community whose synagogue was located in Rope Walk. The synagogue was demolished in 1850. The graves date between 1778-1850.
A rear view of St Margaret’s Church, taken from Christchurch Park
Christchurch Mansion, home to an art gallery, museum and tearoom.
Ipswich School, Henley Road.
The gatehouse of the Christchurch Park Arboretum
28468219_10155108969616296_5611103503758283286_n (1)
The entrance hall of Christchurch Mansion, taken from the first floor gallery.
In memoriam
We took a break from our walk to have lunch at The Greyhound pub. We took advantage of their extremely reasonable £6 lunch menu, and sat warming ourselves next to a roaring fire.
The Round Pond at Christchurch Park, with its resident ducks hiding away.
The rear of Christchurch Mansion

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