Fell Fashion

How does one keep warm in Northern Lapland?

Having lived in Finland, I know all too well how harsh the winter weather can be (think frozen eyelashes, dry skin). The key to success is to layer your clothing. In this post I will be going through what to wear when out in the fells.


Base Layer

Arguably the most important layer of all, the base layer comes first. I have a thermal top and bottom layer, silk socks, and a pair of chunky wool socks. The materials will wick away any moisture, without leaving me feeling chilly. On top of these I will wear some loose fitting leggings and a shirt, both from Uniqlo.



Middle Layer

My middle layer is composed of fleece to lock in the warmth. I found a pair of fleece trousers on Decathlon’s website, and my fleece tops come from Uniqlo. They are loose fitting, but snug.


My outerwear consists of a coat from Mountain Warehouse (check out my Moomin reflector tag, c.2006) and a pair of salopettes from Dare2B. I have bought these a size bigger than my regular clothes in order to accommodate the extra layers I will be wearing.

The outfit will be completed by a pair of Sorel Caribou boots, again a size larger than normal. To keep my head warm, I have a child’s ski hood from GoOutdoors, as well as a woollen hat and snood from M&S, and a pair of mittens. I am in the process of making mitten-liners using from felted wool I picked up in town.

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